Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Product Review: All Natural Sugar Scrub by wttilcock

(Note:  This review is an unsolicited review and I'm not being paid to write it.  When I find a quality product I enjoy sharing it with others. )

Even though I make my own bath and body products I do on occasion order them from others. I prefer the homemade kind with all natural ingredients to the ones you can buy in the store simply because they are better for your skin and do a better job.

I ordered some All Natural Sugar Scrub from wttilcock on Etsy.  They offer their Sugar Scrub in many different scents and I picked Vanilla, of course!  My Sugar Scrub arrived today and I couldn't wait to try it out, so I went to take a shower.  I fear that all work has ceased for the day now. LOL.

The scrub came in a wonderful little jar, sealed and bagged to prevent leakage, with a cute little 'Thank You' note hand written and attached to it.  I am a sucker for the handwritten thank you's that come with orders from small business owners... it makes me know that they really appreciated my business.

But on to the good part!  The scrub itself.... it is the perfect consistency making it easy to use.  The ingredients are mixed equally so that each one did their job.  After using this scrub my skin is wonderfully exfoliated and the oils that the sugar is mixed with left my skin feeling soft and smooth all over.  This scrub did not leave behind a sticky residue at all, which many that you buy in the store do.

If you like luxury bath products that are all natural and healthy for your skin, then I definitely recommend you get some of this scrub!   You can order directly from their shop here:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/81726485/all-natural-sugar-scrub?ref=pr_shop

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  1. So glad you are loving it! Thank you!

    <--Mir from Wttilcock aka Aggie Photo :)