Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Off the Hook: Boot Cuffs

I decided I wanted to crochet some boot cuffs, since for the first time in years I am living in an area that actually has winter cold enough to wear boots.  I searched around online looking for patterns, and of course like always… didn’t find anything that really appealed to what I wanted. 
I wanted a simple look, that was tight enough to stay put but yet bulky enough to keep my leg warm where the top of the boot is (I have bird legs so there is always a gap there that gets filled with snow and cold air lol).
Here’s what I came up with on my first try.  I think they will do and I also think this is a concept I’m going to be trying in various textures and patterns!
chenille sage 5  chenille sage 3
I made this pair with a little Lion Brand thin Chenille yarn that I had in my stash.  The color is sage.  I think this is a discontinued yarn, but I’m going to look for some more in other colors because the texture of it worked out great for these boot cuffs!
chenille sage 1
Once I get more of these made I will be adding them to my Etsy Shop… these can be custom ordered as well, just let me know what color you would like.


  1. Love these Mary!!
    Now I just need some new boots :)

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