Thursday, September 6, 2012

Off the Hook: Hat Donation

So, a friend and I were talking about a month ago and she mentioned that she was making crochet scarves for a mission trip some members of her church are taking to Israel.  I asked why they were taking scarves with them and was really confused about the whole thing until she said they were visiting an orphanage while there.  So, me being me, I opened my big mouth and said HEY why don’t I make hats to send… this without finding out when they are going exactly or how many kids are in need LOL 

After much talking about this and looking up what the current fashion trends are, I then decided that I could make hats to MATCH the scarves she is making.  That set us into about 3 days of looking for yarn and coordinated yarn shopping (that spanned two states), which was totally fun! 

We decided on Caron Simply Soft yarn, because it is warm and soft and not too bulky.

Although, I dare say neither of us needed more yarn in our stash     Secret telling smile

Just home from shopping and I was so excited to get started I made this hat right away.

yarn shopping

Now a few weeks later I have about 20 hats done, not as many as I had hoped but I am pacing myself.  I found out I don’t have the hats mailed out to her until about the middle of October! 

Here are a few of the ones I have done so far.

2012-09-03_16-24-05_794 (1)

I think I will be making some of these beanie style hats for my Etsy Shop too.  They would make great gifts and stocking stuffers for Christmas!

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